September is Suicide Awareness Month

During September, you will notice a campaign throughout the US to inform and engage health professionals and the rest of us about suicide prevention and build awareness through sharing the warning signs of suicide. By drawing attention to this epidemic, the campaign also strives to reduce the stigma surrounding the topic, encourage the pursuit of mental health assistance, and support people who have attempted suicide as well as the survivors, those who are left behind from the suicide of a loved one.

Locally, IJLF is joining forces with Betsie Bay Furniture in downtown Frankfort to host an event focused on getting information out about suicide awareness & prevention. The event will showcase local art and music as the IJLF board will provide stats and resources on youth suicide, the #2 cause of death among young men and #3 for young women, ages 15-25, in our country. IJLF will also distribute small emergency resource wallet sized business cards with numbers for local and national sources of crisis intervention. We will always accept donations on behalf of our mission to Help Save Someone Else’s Isaac, donation envelopes will be available at the event, but if you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation, send to IJLF*PO Box 304*Frankfort, MI*49635. THANK YOU!

Thank you so much to Betsie Bay Furniture! And a special shout out to Meredith at Bayside Printing for helping us provide these resource materials!


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