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We have been working on the infrastructure of our board and mission, as well as the direction we would like to see the foundation go. As we make our way through the labyrinth of grief and healing, we have found so many options and support systems surrounding us! At times this makes succinct decision making quite arduous! But we are heartened by our continuing mission and the support of our benevolent community. Thank you all.

Over the last year of building up the foundation, we have organized and hosted events, sponsored community outreach opportunities, and made contributions, donations & scholarships in Isaac’s memory. We have also researched various suicide prevention and awareness platforms and sought to identify needs within our community. We have met with advisers on various pathways to make an impact with the funds we have raised. We have intentionally deliberated our course of action for the foreseeable future; to learn as much as we can about prevention and awareness, so that we can begin the important work of helping save someone else’s Isaac. We are so grateful for your continued support as we work to create a community resource. We could not do this without you, your generosity, and your faith in our mission. Please visit this website as we continue to develop it alongside our initiative!

We Believe the Human Spirit Is Resilient & That Hope Can Be Restored In The Darkest Moments When Resources Are In Place For Those Who Are Hurting As Well As Those Who Are Helping. IJLF aims to serve both so we may all SHINE ON.

In honor of Isaac Julian Ryan McKinnon, beautiful boy, beautiful soul, gone too soon.


The Isaac Julian Legacy Foundation

PO Box 304

Frankfort, MI 49635

call or text: (231) 632-4747



Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

Third Level Crisis Intervention

24 Hour Crisis Services

Crisis Counseling Line

Suicide Prevention Line

In-Person Immediate Counseling

Text Line

 1022 East Front Street, Traverse City
(231) 922-4800
(800) 442-7315 (toll-free)
(231) 480-0292 (text)


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